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Canadian Employee Benefits for US Companies

Implement a benefit plan for your Canadian employees today

For the past 12 years, I have helped US companies set up and maintain benefit plans in Canada for their Canadian employees. I regularly work with US companies that:


  • Don't know anything about Canadian benefits 

  • Have little or no knowledge about the Canadian healthcare system

  • Are thinking about expanding into Canada, or already have a presence north of the border

Our US-based clients usually take their understanding of Canadian benefits from almost non-existent to above-average in our first conversation. Most are surprised to learn basics, such as:

  • It's possible to start a Canadian group benefit plan for just 1 employee

  • There are no annual open enrolments for benefits in Canada

  • The benefits spend for 2 US employees can be more costly than 20 Canadian employees for a comparable benefit

To make intelligent decisions about benefits in Canada for your organization, schedule a time to discuss with me:

Robert Kania, Principal Broker

365 Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

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